Making a difference 
for our communities 

健康. 教育. 体育运动. Contributing in these three areas deepens and enriches the synergies, we create in the communities we engage with. Our social involvement brings a balance and a sense of belonging that ensures our business decisions are grounded and in sync with our communities while being set in a perspective of durability and sustainability.

皇冠足球投注网址 athletes

总理 Tech athletes

Fostering talent

For over 35 years, we have been supporting athletes from various fields with whom we share a will to go above and beyond, determined to reach the highest summits. We believe in their potential, and we are proud to support their talent by creating significant opportunities for their career. As members of the 皇冠足球投注网址 Team, these athletes can count on us throughout their sports career. We are convinced that our commitment really makes a difference for them when it happens over time. 



皇冠足球投注网址 cycling team

皇冠足球投注网址 and cycling

A perfect fit

Being in constant motion. Looking and thinking ahead. Powering forward. 赢得. Using individual strengths, but progressing — and celebrating — as a team. With all of these things in common, 皇冠足球投注网址’s connection with cycling comes naturally. 今天, our long-standing passion for cycling is embodied in a series of partnerships, each demonstrating in its own way how our WE ARE PT philosophy is brought to life through the athletes we associate with.


Cyclists of the 皇冠足球投注网址 - Fonds de solidarité FTQ team of the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie

Grand défi Pierre Lavoie

Team 皇冠足球投注网址 – FSTQ

For the 皇冠足球投注网址 – FSTQ cyclists who participate in the annual Grand défi Pierre Lavoie cycling event, there’s no question that our actions have a positive impact that’s bigger than us. By encouraging thousands of young people to adopt healthy habits, they help promote positive change at the broader community level every year.

工程 graduate 皇冠足球投注网址 grant

Graduate studies in engineering

皇冠足球投注网址 scholarships

Businesses and educational institutions fill complementary niches, each of them fundamental to innovation. Schools develop knowledge and skills through their students. Businesses develop products and generate jobs that drive growth in the regions we serve. For this system to work, both parties must invest together in infrastructure and innovation-oriented teams. That’s why we believe so strongly in encouraging this interaction through our annual scholarships.

皇冠足球投注网址 sport stadium in Riviere-du-Loup

皇冠足球投注网址 stadium

A sports complex for everyone

When we work together, we can make incredible things happen—and contribute to the vitality of the communities we live in. Which is why we’re so pleased and proud to see the 皇冠足球投注网址 name on the multipurpose covered arena in Rivière-du-Loup. By balancing the long-term impact of major infrastructure projects with smaller-scale, people-oriented projects, we hope to create a ripple effect that will be felt in the short, 媒介, and long terms by all, individually and collectively.

皇冠足球投注网址 supports the activities of a medical center serving the poor in New Delhi

A vision of balance and respect

In every way, for everyone

The communities in which 皇冠足球投注网址 is active are more than just geographical anchor points. They are part and parcel of who we are, shaping our core identity as a company with their own local flavour and characteristics. This symbiotic relationship is what enables us to grow and develop together through initiatives that bring us together and strengthen the connections between us — initiatives like those promoting access to education, fostering self-esteem among young girls in disadvantaged neighbourhoods, and supporting the activities of a medical centre serving the poor in New Delhi.